Prices always include breakfast - prices until 29/12/2020

2 persons: 120 € each night, for the first night, following nights 100 € a night
1 person: 90 € each night
children upto 12 years: 30 € each night, each child in the room of the parents
children upto 15 years: 50 € each night, each child in seperated room, with a minimum of 90 € each night each room

A conformation will be provided at the time of booking the reservation with an advance down payment of 30% requested. Your reservation is finalized upon receipt of the down payment. We ask you to pay the balance one month before arrival. We do not accept bank or credit cards.

Cancellations are only accepted by email. The cancellation policy is as follows:

cancellation till 1 month in advance 10% of the booking cost
3 weeks till 1 week in advance 25% of the booking cost
2 weeks till 2 weeks in advance 50% of the booking cost
1 week till 2 weeks in advance 75 % of the booking cost
less than 1 week in advance 100% of the booking cost